Facing the energy crisis面对能源危机英语作文800字

1.What is the energy crisis

The so-called energy crisis mainly refers to the shortage of energy supply or reduction of reserves, but can not provide new energy to replace, so artificially control the extraction and use of energy, resulting in market panic, rising prices, affecting economic development. At present, the energy we mentioned usually involves shortages of natural resources such as oil and coal.

2.The causes of the energy crisis

First commonly used energy sources (such as oil, coal, natural gas) has the characteristics of short time non-renewable, accompanied by a large number of development and use of storage capacity decreasing. Secondly, relatively backward science and technology of energy efficiency is low, at the same time, the new energy technology research and development speed can’t keep up with the existing energy consumption, energy to date. The last is the shortage of innovative talents, especially can find alternative energy sources and go into People’s Daily use of energy shortage.

3.Energy status

3.1 The situation is grim

In recent years, the development of all countries has entered the fast lane, the acceleration of the industrialization process, requiring more and more energy support. In order to solve the problem of energy, countries have invested a lot of time and energy in a series of exploration and research on new energy. Wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, biomass energy and other new energy forms have gradually entered people’s vision. However, due to the limitation of technological cost, new energy can only be used as a supplement to traditional energy for the time being, and cannot replace traditional energy. Facing the phenomenon of energy dating, the energy crisis of mankind still cannot be optimistic.

3.2 Energy generation

《CROSSING THE ENERGY DIVIDE——Moving from Fossil Fuel Dependence to a Clean-Energy Future》, author of Robert U. Ayres and Edward H. Ayres is well-known experts in energy and environmental economics, for nowadays use low efficiency, severe pollution to the environment of energy use way of deep concern, they felt, if not timely innovation, perhaps wait for the emergence of new clean alternative sources of energy, our economy and the environment will face a serious problem. This is the energy dating.

4.The energy crisis is more terrible than the financial crisis

Dr. Xinhua Chen, an energy research expert, once pointed out in his published book that the energy problem is the “largest and most severe challenge ever faced by mankind①.” Once the energy crisis breaks out, it will be more terrible than the 2008 economic crisis. More than half of the US President Barack Obama, who was in danger, was involved in the energy industry in his announced economic revitalization plan. Under the situation of rapid economic development and increasingly conflicting environment, the energy revolution is not only Obama’s choice, but also a common choice that governments of all countries have to face.

5.Solving the Energy crisis

The key to solve the energy crisis.Energy upgrading is the general trend, the existing energy structure has been unable to meet the current industrial needs. For example, we can’t use coal to send satellites into space. In addition, the current energy structure with high pollution and human yearning for the environment there is an inevitable contradiction. In conclusion, the energy structure must be upgraded. People need new sources of energy to power industries and meet their daily needs before the old ones run out. However, the bottleneck of new energy exploration lies in technical problems. A case in point is the use of nuclear energy.

To solve the problem of energy dating, we can start from the following ways.

5.1 Energy conservation.

Buy time for the arrival of new energy.

5.2 Cultivate talents

The key to the scientific development of talents and the cultivation of innovative talents is a very urgent issue before us.

5.3 Legal protection

Under the social background of advocating the legal system, the development of science and technology needs a strong and perfect legal system as a guarantee to protect intellectual property rights and maintain the fruits of the creators’ efforts. Don’t let scientific workers lose the motivation to create because of technical plagiarism.

5.4 Energy transformation

The replacement of energy is not done overnight, and needs to be carried out gradually. With the development of new technologies, people need to actively try to apply new technologies to reality. Gradually eliminate backward energy methods③.

6.In the end

As ordinary people, saving energy and reducing emissions is one of the main ways we can contribute to solving the energy crisis. Advocate a civilized way of life, consciously develop good habits of health, civilization, economy and environmental protection. Establish a sense of resource recycling, one thing multi-purpose, as far as possible to use or do not use disposable items. Classified storage and recycling treatment of recyclable waste to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in daily life. Develop healthy and scientific eating habits and set up the concept of frugal and civilized life consumption.



所谓能源危机主要是指能源供应短缺或储量减少, 又不能提供新的能源来代替, 于是人为地控制能源的开采和使用, 从而造成市场恐慌, 价格上涨, 影响到经济发展。目前, 我们所提到的能源通常涉及石油、煤炭等自然资源的短缺。


首先常用能源 (如石油、煤炭、天然气)具有短时间内不可再生的特点,伴随着大量的开发和使用, 储存量不断减少。其次相对落后的科学技术造成能源利用效率较低,同时,新能源技术研发速度赶不上现有能源消耗速度,造成能源断代。最后是创新型人才短缺, 特别是能够发现替代性能源并转换成人们日常使用能源的人才短缺。


近年来, 各国的发展都进入了快车道, 工业化进程的加快, 要求提供越来越多的能源支撑。各国为了解决能源的问题, 投入了大量的时间和精力, 对新能源展开了一系列探索研究, 风能、太阳能、核能、地热能、潮汐能、生物质能等各种新的能源形式开始逐渐进入人们的视野。然而由于技术成本的限制, 新的能源暂时只能作为传统能源的补充, 无法替代传统能源, 面对能源的断代现象,人类的能源危机依旧不能乐观。








第二,人才培养,人才科学发展的关键,培养创新型人才, 是摆在我们面前的一个十分迫切的问题。